Focus on what matters, filter your activities

Ever been in the situation where you needed to find a specific activity or document quickly? But it took you ages to find it, because you had to go through the entire content list of the activity tab.

In SuperOffice you can organize activity lists so that it only shows what matters to you at the moment. Instead of browsing through an extensive Activities tab, you can filter the entries based on owner, (choose a group or an individual associate), date and activity type. By selecting the appropriate period and owner of an activity or document, you can narrow down your search.

Filter buttonsWhen you are looking for an email you saved last month for example. You can select that you are looking for a document, the period in which you saved the email and select yourself as owner. This way you will find what you are looking for much faster.

The filter options you set up can be used for a short period or you can set them as your default filter settings. This way you never have to go through information that isn’t relevant for you. You will save time when searching for information.

How to filter activities:

The filter button can be found at the bottom of the activities tab within the modules: Company, Sale and Project.

  1. Open a Company card. (Or a sale or a project)
  2. Select the Activities tab.
  3. Check the activity Type you are looking for. (Mailings, Documents or Follow-ups) Perhaps this is already enough to find what you are looking for, if not go to the next step.
  4. Click on the button called Filter at the bottom of the tab.Where to find the filter button

        Use the filter buttons next to #3 and #4 to filter your activity list

  1. The Filter menu will appear. Select the Period you wish to filter on.
  2. Select a Group or the Associates you wish to filter on as owner(s). Click Ok to save.How to set up your filter settings

Choose the period, group and associates you want to view

Want to reverse? Click Filter in the bottom of the Activities tab again to reset to the original values.

Login in and try it out now!

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