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    SuperOffice Standard CRM is the core of our systems, empowering you and your colleagues to be more productive. It helps you capture all customer interactions in one place, which means everyone in your company can get a total overview of the customer storyline at any time.

    Challenge #1: Missing central customer overview

    To give your customers the attention and service they deserve, you need a good overview over your contacts. It should be easy to look up a contact when you get an incoming phone, for example.

    To make it possible, have your administrator import your contacts into SuperOffice and make sure your employees check their top ten customers and prospects to verify that all contact details are correct. You can easily see the result by using one of the pre-set selections inside SuperOffice.

    Tip: Go to Selections, type "%% Company" and select the selection you want to view. Choose the one that starts with "Company ..." to get an overview of all contacts added.

    Challenge #2: Lack of overview on each customer

    At some point in time you may have missed an appointment or forgot to follow up on a customer. The feeling you got when you found out is not good. And, sometimes this is all it takes to lose a customer.

    A simple way to prevent these situations happening to your team, is to make sure that they register all their activities in the diary.

    Why not book an internal meeting in SuperOffice and inviting them to join. You can easily set up all recurring meetings and get the people involved to accept them.

    Tip: Before your next weekly or monthly meeting, get everybody to add all their appointments, follow-ups, and planned phone calls to SuperOffice. Then, check the different diaries during your meeting to give people feedback. They will get better at this every time.

    Challenge #3: Missing overview of customer dialogue

    Important communication today is done using email. Therefore, it is important for any company to save and archive business-critical email into your common systems. At the same time, it gives easy access to all important company emails for everyone.

    That's why we advise you to make sure all users connect their email to SuperOffice. This means they can easily archive important business-relevant emails.

    Tip: Ask all users to archive important emails from the last two weeks into SuperOffice. This way they will start building the history with their customers from day one. Go through some examples and check the customer history.

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