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    The SuperOffice Sales solution is designed to help your sales people improve their sales results. By using our sales tools in their daily work they will be able to focus on the right opportunites at all times.

    Sales Challenge #1: Missing control of sales opportunities

    Without a proper overview over sales opportunities, it will be difficult to follow up and keep control over all sales opportunities.

    An extra benefit is that sales people don’t have to spend lots of time updating spreadsheets to report to management anymore. By registering all their sales in SuperOffice, sales managers or team leaders have instant overview over all sales opportunities. For the entire team, the entire company and for each sales person.

    You as a manager can easily follow up and get an overview on their progress using the Sales overview in the sales persons diary or to use one of our reports that are available to you at all time.

    Tip: During your next sales meeting. Explain for your sales people why and how to register a sale. Make sure the sales people register all their sales opportunities, early or late in the sales cycle. This will allow you to show them their individual sales pipeline. Giving them the overview and control they need.

    Sales Challenge #2: Missing sales targets this month and for months to come

    For management it is of course very important that the sales targets will be reached every month. To achieve this, it is important that the sales team knows how to forecast and prioritize the right activities for each sale. Planning the next step is key to moving the sale opportunity down the sales funnel.

    Tip: In your next sales meeting, after the sales people have started to register their sales in SuperOffice, take them through the reporting functions. Show them their individual pipeline for the coming weeks and months (depending on the period you work with). This way they will understand how easy it is to get an overview on the size of their pipeline compared to the sales goals they have to reach.

    They will see which activities they have to prioritize. Closing activities or prospecting activities, most likely both in order to grow their pipeline. By making sure the sales team registers and updates all sales opportunities, the forecast and reports will always be up to date.

    Sales Challenge #3: Wasting time creating, finding and approving proposals

    Your sales people should be spending their time on closing or creating new sales opportunities. They should not be wasting time on creating, correcting or finding old proposals on their own computer or on shared folders.

    By adding all important documents and templates into SuperOffice,  your employees will save a lot of time when working with proposals.

    Tip: Ask your administrator to add all documents templates to SuperOffice or get him to set up the Quote module to make it easy for your staff to create and send out their proposals with just a few clicks. Simply educate your staff on how to use and create documents to start saving time.

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