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Recipients: Add your target list

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    You are almost ready to send your mailing. All you have to do now is to add your list of recipients.

    Your target group is the group of people you believe will respond best to your message. If you tailor your marketing message specifically to that group, you get a better chance of success. And you don’t waste your chance with people that are not interested. It’s a privilege people want to read your email.

    SuperOffice offers multiple options to create your target groups. It is possible to use selections, projects or a single contact from inside SuperOffice. Any contacts that are not yet available in SuperOffice can be added by importing an external comma-separated file (.txt, .csv or similar). If you like to read more about the different options SuperOffice offers, please read the section Preparation, How to create your target list.

    Learn how to add your target list

    Mailing module on the Recipients page where you can add your recipients (screenshot)

    In the section Choose recipients, you can add all the recipients from your target group.