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How to connect your mailing to Google Analytics

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    With SuperOffice you have the option to connect your mailings to Google Analytics. If you use Google Analytics to track where the traffic to your website, comes from, you can now add your campaign name tags to all your SuperOffice mailings.

    Whenever your recipients click on your call-to-action links in a mailing, they will be sent to your website, using your mailings tag name as a reference. This way Google Analytics will register that your customer reached your website from your campaign email. Google Analytics will tell you about your audience's behavior on your website and what they were most interested in.

    Learn how to use Google Analytics tracking from mailings

    To be able to use the Google Analytics feature, you have to make sure Google Analytics is set up before you start creating a new mailing. When this is done, your can continue in SuperOffice mailings.

    1. Go to the Mailings module and create a new mailing by clicking the Email button on the right-hand side.
    2. You are now in the first step of your workflow, Setup. Under the heading Tracking, you can tick off the box “Use Google Analytics”.Google analytics field.png
    3. The Google Analytics field will now appear. Here you want to add the tag name to your campaign. For example "UK-2016-existing-customers". The tag name will be added in tracked URLs according to Google Analytics' specifications.
    4. Click Next and select your email template.

    In step three of your workflow, Content, you can add your call-to-action link to the content of your mailing. When you set up the link, SuperOffice will ask you for a URL. Add the webpage you set up for Google Analytics.

    When this is done, you are ready to send out your mailing.