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    Wouldn’t it be great if you could get information on the types of requests you have received, and how you handled them? Maybe requests in a particular area increased, or resolution time decreased. Wouldn't it be great to know why?

    Use statistics to improve the service you offer

    The only way to improve the service you offer your customers is by monitoring where your customers experience the most trouble. By using the easy ways to get statistics in SuperOffice Service, you will be able to make adjustments to service your customers even better and also make your service agents more productive.

    Simple adjustments can be creating more FAQs and making them available in the Customer Center. Or it can be creating time-saving reply templates. You might even be able to document reasons for product and service improvements. This will help you be more proactive.

    How do you measure your customer service performance today? Some companies measure customer satisfaction through surveys and how inquiries are handled. Write down what is important for you. The Service standard reports provide you the most popular key performance indicators. Check whether they cover your needs before creating reports.

    Two easy ways to get statistics are featured in Home and standard reports. With these features, you'll see how you and your colleagues have performed over the last month.

    Service statistics out of the box

    Service statistics out of the box

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