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    Often you receive the same kind of inquiries, some even daily. Your answers or solutions to these inquiries can vary from the most basic to advanced ones or ones where the customer needs to fill out a form and return. Either way you spend too much time on handling these recurring cases. You might even forget all details in a reply or answer.

    To make your job easier, Service comes with the both FAQ and reply template features. They work a bit like an email signature but are much more versatile. You can create FAQ’s and reply templates for all other Service users, so they immediately benefit from them. Everything is centralized and very easy to use.

    Make it convenient for your customers and yourselves

    In addition FAQ’s can be published in the Customer Center. Imagine that your customers could log on to a web page where they could find answers to most commonly asked questions. They can also see the status on their registered requests. Everything 24/7. This is very convenient for your customers and you. Now you don’t need to spend time on answering frequently asked questions.

    We guess that you already have a pretty good idea of the most common asked questions your customers ask you. Write down your top 5 most asked questions and the answers to them. This list will be great to have when you start creating your first FAQ's. 

    It's easy to choose the right reply template or FAQ for your reply in the request dialog box 

    Reply options for Service requests

    Reply options for Service requests


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