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    The number one reason for customers to take their business elsewhere is the fact that they do not get an answer. When your customer does not get an answer on their question, they feel they are not taken serious and they will feel neglected. How would you feel, if you have a problem and your request falls on deaf ears? You would get annoyed right!

    Therefore the most important thing when you work with customer inquiries is to be able to handle them all in a professional and efficient way.

    Prevent your customers feeling neglected

    The two main causes for customers to feel neglected are:

    1. Incoming emails get stuck in personal inboxes.
    2. Incoming phone calls are poorly registered and not followed up

    With Service you have a central place to easily store customer inquiries. Inquiries that are stored in Service are called requests. If you should forget to answer a request, someone else in your company can pick it up. Service ensures that all your customers will get help when they ask you for it.

    Your system administrator has created a mailbox that automatically turns incoming emails into requests. These will be put in a queue inside the system or be directly assigned a service agent.

    Go to your email inbox and find all inquiries that you haven’t dealt with yet. Archive these as requests into Service and start experiencing how better you and your company will manage requests.

    For MS Outlook PC users, SuperOffice has a feature to archive emails in different ways 

    SuperOffice archiving options in MS Outlook

    SuperOffice archive email feature in MS Outlook for PC users


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