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    The SuperOffice Quote Management module enables you and your colleagues to create, validate, and manage quotes and orders across the entire order lifecycle. This means you can get quotes to your customers faster than ever and you are able to get from lead to a closed deal a lot quicker.

    Save time and prevent errors

    Help your colleagues send their proposals quicker and avoid unnecessary errors by using an automated Quote system. Save time by converting your proposal to an order confirmation with just one click of a button.

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    It will be very easy for you and your colleagues to choose the products for the proposal from a list. You can send different versions of your proposal to your customers and automatically register a follow up activity. So you will never forget to follow up on your proposal. 

    To be able to create quotes that contain item or article information there are a few steps you, as the administrator, have to do.

    Download the Quick guide for Quote

    Below you can read how you can get started in the simplest way. For those who are interested to read more about the best way to set up the Quote module, we have made a quick guide to get started with Quote Management (QM).

    Here you can download the Quick guide to get started with Quotation Management.

    It will only cover the basic settings to get started. This guide is not a guide in how to use QM, it only covers how to administrate QM. In some places you will see Advanced as a heading. This is for showing that there are more possibilities but they will not be covered.

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