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    Often you spend time on answering similar questions over and over again. Sometimes answers have to be extensive with details, bullet points and images. You waste time and risk forgetting details in your answers. Resulting in customers getting back to you with additional requests – this time annoyed and complaining.  

    Create your own FAQ's

    Service comes with a reply template feature that let you create and pick already-made answers to commonly asked questions. This is covered under Service for users. You will also be able to create FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) in the database that you as a service agent can choose from when answering questions. Your customers can even access these FAQ’s through the Customer Center (web portal) without contacting you. This make it very convenient for your customers to find answers on most commonly asked questions 24/7. You will get less requests to handle. And you will be able to handle requests faster and accurate.

    Knowledge Base in Service

    Handle requests faster by creating and using reply templates and FAQ's in SuperOffice Service.

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