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Pocket CRM: Access your CRM on your mobile or tablet

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    Our mobile app, Pocket CRM, gives you access to your entire SuperOffice CRM system on your smartphone or tablet. Here's how to use, download, and install the app.

    Your office in your pocket

    While being on the road, you may need to look up CRM information like activities, emails, documents, and meeting notes. However, you may not be able to open your laptop, connect to a wi-fi, and log into SuperOffice.

    In this situation, using Pocket CRM on your smartphone is a game changer. Just open Pocket CRM whenever you want to view, update, or share information and get access to the most important CRM functions.

    Pocket CRM allows you to:

    • Search for, use and update customer data
    • Read documents and emails
    • Check your schedule and reschedule appointments
    • Manage sales teams and sales opportunities, see pipeline and sales numbers
    • View development in projects

    Moving gif of Pocket CRM screenshots on an iPhone

    Get started with the basic features:

    Learn how to use the basic features in Pocket CRM with our quick-start guide for Pocket CRM. For example, you can learn where to tap and swipe to get notifications, or call and send messages.

    Download the app Pocket CRM :

    Pocket CRM is free to download from various app stores:

    Apple logo witht he text: Download on the App Store (badge)

    Google logo with the text: Get it on Google (badge)


    How to install Pocket CRM:

    For CRM Online users:

    1. Go to either Apple's App Store, or Google Play then download Pocket CRM.
    2. Open the application in your mobile and choose "CRM Online".
    3. Log in using your SuperOffice username and password.

    For Onsite (local version) users:

    If you use SuperOffice locally (Onsite), you need to complete some additional steps before you open the application:

    1. Go to either Apple's App Store, or Google Play, then download Pocket CRM.
    2. Open SuperOffice and open "Personal Settings" in the top bar.
    3. Open "Pocket CRM Settings" and you'll see your server address. Click the button "Send" to send yourself an email with instructions.
    4. Open the email on your device and follow the instructions in the email.

    Your administrator can help you if you need.

    From SuperOffice personal settings you can get the Pocket CRM URL