Mobile CRM: Access your CRM on your mobile or tablet

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    Our app, SuperOffice Mobile CRM, gives you access to your entire SuperOffice CRM system on your smartphone or tablet. This guide will explain how to use, download, and install the app.

    Your office in your pocket

    While being on the road, you may need to lookup CRM information like activities, emails, documents, and meeting notes. However, you may not be able to open your laptop, connect to wi-fi, and log into SuperOffice CRM.

    In this situation, using SuperOffice Mobile CRM on your smartphone is a game-changer. Just open the CRM app whenever you want to view, update, or share information and get access to the most important CRM functions.

    Mobile CRM allows you to:

    • Access all CRM data - including contacts, projects, sales and documents
    • Access diaries and create appointments and activities. Get reminders of upcoming events or meetings
    • View sales dashboards and pipelines and update information on the go
    • Scan business cards and automatically save or update contact and company information
    • Call or message any contact from the app
    • See updates on your projects
    • Save pictures and documents directly from your iPhone or iPad to your projects and activities

    see what mobile crm looks like

    Download the Mobile CRM app:

    1. Go to the App store or Google play and search for SuperOffice
    2. Install the app on your device.
    3. Follow the instructions to configure it.
    4. Log in and start using it.

    Mobile CRM is free to download from various app stores:

    Apple logo witht he text: Download on the App Store (badge)

    Google logo with the text: Get it on Google (badge)

    Get started with the basic features:

    Learn how to use the basic features in Mobile CRM with our quick-start guide for Mobile CRM. For example, you can learn where to tap and swipe to get notifications, or call and send messages.

    Note: The former name of the app was SuperOffice Pocket CRM. Before we launched SuperOffice CRM version 9, our app was called SuperOffice Pocket CRM. This app is still operational and used by many of our users. Pocket CRM is available for all users who use SuperOffice CRM version 8.5 or lower.

    All users of SuperOffice CRM 9 use the new Mobile CRM app.

    When you upgrade from versions 8.5 or lower to version 9, you will be prompted inside Pocket CRM to update the app and switch to Mobile CRM. All you have to do is follow the instructions.