How to add a contact manually

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    You are in business with the company, but it’s the contact you have the relationship with. To maintain and build this relationship it’s important to be on top of your communication and interactions with your contacts.

    The Contact card will save all the information you need to get in touch with your relations as well as the entire history you and your colleagues have with this contact.

    Create a new contact card and add all the contacts information

    Each Contact card also contains a person’s GDPR documentation, that shows you all the types of consent your company wants to collect. You can document the reason why you want to store and use an individual’s data (called a “legal basis”) and what you are going to use it for (called a “purpose”).

    You can add a contact in three ways:

    1. Add the contact manually;
    2. Scan a business card using Pocket CRM – our mobile app; or
    3. Import your contacts.

    Note: You need the administrator’s rights to import contacts and companies.

    Save single contacts in your CRM database

    By default, it’s mandatory to connect a contact to a Company card. This means you have to create a Company card before you can add contacts.

    There is, however, a way to store single contacts. You can save stand-alone contacts when, for instance, you don’t know what company they work for or when it’s a private person.

    How to save stand-alone contacts in your CRM database