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    Managing documents in SuperOffice helps you to centralize all documents for easy access, and you get help to maintain a consistent look for those you send to customers.

    Easy access to documents

    In SuperOffice you can create, read and store documents in a central list. You'll get an overview of all of your team's documents sent to each customer.

    When you can see all the documents a customer has received from your organization, you will know more about where they are. And when the customer feels like you understand them - well, let's hope that's the key to their loyalty.

    Maintain a consistent look

    In your daily work, there may be documents you create again and again, like contracts, order descriptions. You may spend time on making each document look good - maybe you create it from scratch, or copy older documents. After a while, you get a myriad of different designs, and the customers may start to wonder if it's the same company who sends it all.

    In SuperOffice you can use document templates to ensure a consistent look for all your documents. Templates are pre-made documents that have the content and design you need for the specific task.

    All of this helps you save time and make sure you leave a good impression with your customers.

    If needed you can add your company document templates to SuperOffice

    Choose one of many document templates in SuperOffice to create new documents

    It is easy to create documents in SuperOffice.


    Connect your document management system

    To be able to manage documents in SuperOffice, you have to install our integration plug-in install Web Tools. This service connects your document management system, like Microsoft Office for PC or Mac, to SuperOffice.

    If you have Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud or Google Apps for Business, you can connect that to SuperOffice too. Just contact us to learn more

    Create documents

    Everyone can open a document and send the new document to customers. SuperOffice includes some standard templates that you can use and edit or your administrator can add a new document template.

    I'm sure you have some documents you often use. A proposal is a good example – maybe you all create different versions of the same document. This is a good time to decide which templates your administrator should add to SuperOffice.