How to install Web Tools

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    To be able to combine the best features of your SuperOffice solution and you MS Office package, it's a good idea to install SuperOffice Web Tools. You can connect SuperOffice to your document management system. This enables you to open and edit documents from inside SuperOffice. Your MS Office will be fully integrated with SuperOffice CRM.

    How to install Web Tools on a Windows computer

    Does your version of SuperOffice CRM look different from this video? That's because this video shows SuperOffice CRM in version 8. But don't worry - all the steps shown in this video are exactly the same in SuperOffice CRM version 9.

    If you use the Windows client with Outlook for SuperOffice, the MailLink is automatically included in the client installation. Just follow the steps below to install the Web Tools.

    The first time you log in, a wizard will ask you to install web tools. Follow this wizard, and you’re done. If it doesn’t open or you need to install again, you can follow the steps below.

    1. When logged into SuperOffice, go to the menu on the upper right hand and click the main menu icon.
    2. Click Download
    3. Click SuperOffice Web Tools
    4. If your browser asks you to block or allow pop-ups, you need to click Always allow pop-ups from SuperOffice
    5. The SuperOffice Web Tools wizard will now appear. In this wizard, you must choose Personal Computer, then Outlook, and then click Download to download the installation file
    6. Then you need to restart both Outlook and your browser for the changes to take effect

    How to install Web Tools on a Mac:

    If you use Mac you can see how to set up web tools for Mac here instead.