Connect your email with SuperOffice

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    Do you ever spend time searching for emails you have sent or received? Have you ever asked a colleague to forward an important mail to you? Storing email in SuperOffice is a great way to keep track of email communication with customers.

    Get instant overview of customer-related email communication 

    Connect your email client to SuperOffice to open and send email from SuperOffice, and save emails directly into the solution. When you connect an email to a specific person in the database, the email dialogue will automatically show up on the related contact card. Then, it's easy for everyone to browse the customer's activity list to see if someone has been in with them contact lately, and what it was about.

    Find out how SuperOffice helps you to manage your inbox and share information within your company.'

    Does your version of SuperOffice CRM look different from this video? That's because this video shows SuperOffice CRM in version 8. But don't worry - all the steps shown in this video are exactly the same in SuperOffice CRM version 9.

    Set up your email integration

    There are three ways to connect your email to SuperOffice. The method you choose depends on which email client you use, and what benefits you find the most rewarding.

    • 1. Outlook for Windows
      • If you are using a locally installed version of Microsoft Outlook, you can install SuperOffice Web Tools to integrate your Outlook client with SuperOffice.

        Installing Web Tools also enables you to connect your document management system with SuperOffice, and you will be able to open and edit Microsoft Office documents directly from SuperOffice.

        Connect your Outlook to SuperOffice

    • 2. Gmail link for SuperOffice
      • Archive all your important emails and documents directly from your Gmail inbox into the right company card inside SuperOffice.

        You can install the Gmail link for the Chrome and Firefox browser (Microsoft Edge will be available soon).

        The Gmail link is available for free from the SuperOffice App Store:

        Connect your Gmail to SuperOffice

    • 3. SuperOffice Inbox
      • The SuperOffice Inbox provides you with an all-in-one solution and is ideal for Mac users.

        You can perform all your daily tasks from inside SuperOffice and access your inbox at any time and everywhere. No switching back and forth between your inbox and SuperOffice anymore.

        Use the SuperOffice Inbox to send and save your important emails directly from SuperOffice. This versatile inbox is easy to use and easy to configure.

        The SuperOffice Inbox can be used for: Gmail, Lotus Notes, Office 365, Outlook for web, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

        Connect to the SuperOffice Inbox

    Your outlook client with showing the archive email options (screenshot)Get a better overview of your email communication by connecting your email to SuperOffice.

    Save email in SuperOffice CRM

    With SuperOffice it is easy to save important emails in your CRM database. Just hit the archive button in your email client, and the email integration will let you save the message on any company, contact, activity, sale, or project in your database for easy access.

    How to archive your email

    Tip: Look through your recent emails. Are any relevant to others in your company? Try and archive these emails on relevant company cards in SuperOffice. If colleagues ask for information from one of these emails, just ask them to look up the relevant contact card and find your email on the Activities tab.