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    Mailing is the tool to create and send beautifully formatted mailings to a large number of contacts in your database. This helps you to generate leads, sell more to existing customers, and build customer loyalty.

    Quick and easy mailings

    When you need to reach many people with a message, it is no longer enough with regular email. You need a mailing tool that can send your mailing to an unrestricted number of recipients. Using a nice design will help get your message across to your customers.

    In SuperOffice you will find our simplified mailing tool that allows you to send mailings and documents to all your contacts.

    You will be able to keep in contact with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.Mailing comes with a simple 5 step work flow (screenshot)

    Mailing consists of just 5 simple steps to create and send a mailing.


    Discuss what types of mailings you will be using, and who will be sending out mailings in your company. Just keep in mind that users with a Marketing user plan will able to design, track and analyze mailings that your company sends.
    Ask yourself whether you should redesign some of your existing email layouts before you create them as mailing templates in SuperOffice.

    Done right and you will save time and get more leads.

    Create your mailing

    We will help you register your next mailing. Where to add your subject line, where to save it and how to use Google Analytics.

    Create a mailing

    Choose your mailing template

    Surveys show that graphically presented messages are more effective. People like them. So to make your mailing a success, you want to make sure you use a nice template. We have 16 templates for you to choose from, or you can add your customized mailing template to your mailing.

    Choose your favourite template

    Add your content, images, and links

    Now it’s time to add your message to your mailing. We will show you how you can add your text, images, links, and template variables. Use template variables to make your mailing more personal. This way you can start your mailing with: "Hi Ben," instead of "Dear customer".

    Before you actually send out your mailing, it’s good to test your mailing. To make sure you are 100% happy with the outcome. You can learn how you can test your mailing here as well.

    Add your content

    Add your target list to your mailing

    When you get to step 4: Add recipients, you are almost done. All you have to do now is to add all the contacts you want to send your message to.

    We will show you how you can add them. You can use a selection, project, individual contact, or you can import an external list.

    Add your target list

    Send your mailing

    Do you want to send your mailing straight away or do you want to schedule your mailing? Take your pick and your mailing is ready.

    Send your mailing