How to test your mailing

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    Once you have created a punchy subject line, added your text, inserted links and images into your email template, you are ready to test your mailing to check out what your mailing will look like for your target audience. At this moment you want to make sure everything is working, as it should before you actually send your mailing.

    Learn how to test your mailing

    A tip here is to create a small selection consisting of you and your colleagues. You can send the draft to these people for feedback and approval before sending it to your target group.

    Send a test mailing to make sure your mailing looks and works the way you intend to

    By clicking on Send test you can send a preview of your mailing. Choose what email address you want to send the mail to and Click OK.

    You should also check your mailing in a browser, and phone/tablet to make sure the layout looks right.

    We advise all users to send out a test mailing internally to check the quality of the following:

    • Spelling mistakes
    • Template variables are replaced with customer data. This means, for example, that you see "Hi John" and not "Hi [[customer.firstname]]!"
    • Links work and point to the correct pages
    • Clicks on links are registered
    • Opening of messages is registered
    • Images are correctly displayed
    • The layout of messages looks good
    • Messages are up-to-date (dates/years, names, version numbers, etc.) and do not contain spelling mistakes/typos
    • Mailing is easy to read on a smartphone or tablet
    • Subject line is relevant for the recipient
    • Is the overall message right?
    • What do you want the user to do after reading the email?

    If the test was successful and you are satisfied with the result, you can go on to the next step:

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