How to send your mailing

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    Once you have chosen your target group, prepared the mailing and tested it, here comes the most exciting part - it is time to send it!

    Confirm your mailing

    In the confirmation screen SuperOffice will give you a summary of your mailing, as you can see in the picture below. If a message is displayed in red, this means that you have failed a check or it is a warning that something within your mailing is wrong.

    If you have failed a check, you will not be able to send or schedule your mailing until the message is displayed in green. You have to go back to one of the previous steps to be able to solve the problem and send your mailing. You can go back by clicking on the step in the menu.

    Sometimes SuperOffice only displays a warning. This will not prevent you from sending or scheduling your mailing. It is up to you, as the user, to decide what to do with it.

    Learn how to send your mailing

    send mailing menu where you can send or schedule you mailingThe Confirm screen will give you a summary of the previous steps you have gone through and allows you to send or schedule your mailing.