How to create a mailing

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    In this section we will explain how to create a mailing in the module Mailing.

    When you create a mailing it’s important to keep a few things in mind, such as the subject line you want to use and what layout the mailing should have. Both can affect the opening rates of your mailing, which is the indicator of the mailing's general success.

    The field E-mail subject line is where you fill in the subject line for your mailing. When sending a newsletter or campaign, the subject line is of great importance to your opening rate. People will make the decision to open and read your email based on your subject line, so make sure it stands out.

    Tip: Personalize your subject line by inserting the recipient's name with a template variable. How to use template variables


    Learn how to create a new mailing

    Create a mailing

    In the setup page, you can easily create and register your mailing