How to group information in your archives

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    A great way to order information to find, review, and access information efficiently is by grouping the information. Grouping information means you sort information as a set of people or things, that have something in common. Learn how you can group information from any archive in SuperOffice in this how-to. 

    Every archive in SuperOffice contains a Settings button on the right-hand side. When you click it, a new dialog will appear. This dialog allows you to enable for this archive.

    The columns you use to group your information, are only visible for you and you can add and remove as many groups as you like.

    Learn how to customize views by configuring columns with this short video, or read the instructions below.

    Group the information in your archive

    You can information in all the s in SuperOffice CRM. 

    1. Open the archive that contains the information you are looking for.
      Click the settings button to enable grouping
    2. Click the Settings button on the right-hand side of the archive you’ve selected. Check Enable at the top of the dialogue that appears. Then click OK. 
      Select Enable grouping
    3. You’ll see that an extra bar is now visible that says: Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column. You can click and drag any column into this bar to group the content of this archive after the information of this column.
      Click and drag columns to group your information
      For example, if you are looking for a document connected to one of the contacts working for this company, you can drag and drop the Contact column into the bar. Then do the same for the Activity type column.
      SuperOffice will now show you all the records group by and in the order of the columns you’ve selected. You can add as many columns as you want to use. 

    4. To remove a grouping column you’ve selected, click the X behind the column. Again, SuperOffice will update the list of records in the archive immediately.
      Press the X to remove a grouping column