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Create selections for further action

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    The powerful selection tool is the key to extracting useful information from SuperOffice. It helps you find companies, projects, sales, documents, or follow-ups based on criteria of your choice and place them in a list for further action.

    Your CRM database is full of valuable information that you can use to improve your business. Say, you want an overview of all your prospects or existing customers you haven’t been in contact with for the last six months. Or, anyone who has said yes to receiving newsletters. Or all ongoing projects for the next months. 

    All this information is available to you - just make a selection with the right criteria.

    There are three different types of selections that you can use: 

    • Static selections 
    • Dynamic selections 
    • Combined selections 

    You can create a new static, dynamic or combined selections

    You can make selections of all data in SuperOffice, then sort the lists any way you'd like.


    Create a static selection

    A static selection is a list of records that will not change until you add or delete this content manually. This means you will have full control over your selection. Static selections are often used as calling lists and mailing lists.

    How to create a static selection

    Create a dynamic selection

    A dynamic selection is a list of records that is always up to date. Any entry in your database that matches your selection criteria is automatically added to your selection. Use dynamic selections to keep an overview of, for example, open sales, active projects, or all sign-ups for ongoing mailing campaigns.

    How to create a dynamic selection

    Create a combined selection

    A combined selection consists of two selections, combined in different ways: records that are common to the two existing selections, records that are different, records that are only in one of the selections or all records in the two selections. This way you can do more advanced analyses within your SuperOffice database.

    How to create a combined selection

    Tip: Getting an overview of your data can be fun. To get a general overview of your contacts, we have made some selections for you to start out with. Log into SuperOffice and find the search field for selections. Begin your search with the symbols %% in the search field and wait for it to find a couple of selections for you. Click on any of these to see what’s already in your system.+
    The selection module, highlighting the list with all selections (screenshot)