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How to visualize a selection with a graph

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    The selection feature is a great tool to discover and analyse information about your registered customers, activities, projects and sales. It offers a wide range of possibilities to search for answers. 

    • How many customers do we have?
    • How much did we sell last quarter?
    • What is our activity level like compared to last month?

    With a simple selection you will be able to answer these questions. However, a selection is still only a list with information. To get a visual overview you can use your dashboard charts directly inside your selection.

    You don’t have to export your selection to Excel to get a visual overview anymore. Simply choose the chart that will show you the information you need.

    Learn how to visualize a selection with a graph

    1. Log into SuperOffice, and go to the Selection navigator. Create or open the selection you wish to use. (Learn how to make a dynamic selection)
    2. Select the tab Charts at the top of your screen.
    3. You will now see all the charts that are available to you. Choose the chart you wish to use. The title of each chart will tell you what the chart will visualize for you.
      You can use Charts on any selection of your choice.

    Some charts might tell you there is No data available. This means that your selection does not contain the information this chart is trying to show. Change the criteria of your selection or choose another chart.

    You can print and download your favorite chart directly from your selection, just like you are able to within the Dashboard navigator. Click on the chart and choose print or download in the right top corner of the chart display.