How to search for information

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    Search and find data quickly with just a few clicks by using any of our three search functions: the FastSearcher, the Freetext search, or the Find button. Learn how to use the three different search tools with this how-to-guide. 

    The three ways to search or data in SuperOffice CRM are:

    1. The Find button can be found in the top toolbar. You can use it to find records based on any criteria related to companies, contacts, projects, selections, sales, products, follow-ups, and documents.
    2. The FastSearcher. You’ll find the FastSearcher in the left-hand side navigator panel or in the dialogue menu. The FastSearcher allows you to search for either companies, sales, projects, or selections.
    3. The Freetext search. You’ll find the Freetext search field in the upper-right corner. This field allows you to search for any text that users have entered in SuperOffice CRM.

    The Find button in the toolbar

    1. Click the Find button in the top toolbar.
    2. Select the entity – i.e. the type of information you want to find: Company, Contact, Selection, Follow-up, Sale, Project, Document, Product, or Request.
    3. You are now in the Find dialogue. You'll see that one or more predefined search criteria have already been added for you. You can use these search criteria if they are relevant for you, or you can delete them, or you can add new search criteria. Click the Add button to add a new search criterion.
    4. To change a search criterion, click in the first criteria box and select the field you want to search for. Here you could, for example, select Contact and Last name if you wanted to search for contacts, or Project and Event date if you wanted to search for projects.
    5. Select values for the search criteria in the next fields on the line. Use search criteria to find the info you need
    6. You can click Add below the criteria list again to add additional search criteria. A new line is then added to the list of search criteria and repeat steps 4 and 5. If you add multiple search criteria, you are able to narrow down your search, because your search will find the records that fulfill all the criteria simultaneously. 
    7. When you have specified and activated the criteria you want, click the Find button or press Enter. The results will be displayed at the bottom of the Find dialogue. 

    FastSearcher in the Navigator 

    FastSearcher helps you search within specific fields in SuperOffice CRM. You can search for data with FastSearcher directly in the left-side navigator panel, or via dialogues for appointments or documents.  

    Use the search field connected to each entity in the navigator menu

    Freetext search 

    The Freetext search field can be found in the top-right corner of your screen. With the Freetext search you can search for any text saved in SuperOffice CRM.  

    The freetext search field can be found in the top right-hand corner

    Search tips

    By using the % sign before your search term, you can search for any part of a title, instead of an exact match of your search term. You can use the % sign in both the Freetex search and the FastSearcher fields. Example: You want to find a contact whose last name is Galifianakis. However, you don’t remember his first name or how to spell his last name. If you type %galif in the search field, SuperOffice CRM will find all possible matches to your search word. 

     Use the percentage sign to find information 

    You can also use %% to see all records in a certain module, like all companies, all selections, all projects. If, for example, you want to see all the document templates available in SuperOffice CRM, click the +New in the top toolbar and then select Document. In the top field in the document screen, which indicates types of document templates, type %%. You will then see a drop-down menu, which includes the full list of document templates available. 

    Find all data by using two percentage signs together