How to use a typical search

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    A typical search is a pre-defined search that we’ve set up for you, so you can see what other users typically search for. Each data set in the Find screen contains a list of typical searches that are ready to be used. This article will show you how to use and change a typical search.

    A typical search is a great way to start looking for data in SuperOffice CRM. You can find typical searches by clicking underneath the group of data you are interested in. Containing preset search criteria, typical searches can be used as they are, modified or expanded.

    As an example, let’s take a look at a typical search called “My overdue follow-ups”. This search will give you a list of all the activities that you haven’t completed yet, which are as, a result, overdue.

    When you set up the search criteria for this search, you can decide which type of activities you want to search for.

    Use one of the many typical searches that are avaiable for you to use

    Typical searches are there to help you get started and create your own search of CRM data. After you’ve selected a typical search, you can add and edit the search criteria. And once you’ve created a useful search that you’d like to use again, you can save it as a selection.

    See how to do a typical search and change it to suit your needs: