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How to visualize a selection with a graph

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    Once you've saved your search as a selection you can display your search results visually to better understand your CRM data. This how-to will show you how to visualize your search results. 

    How to visualize a selection in a chart: 

    1. Go to Selections in the navigator menu in your SuperOffice CRM and select or create a selection. Then select the Charts tab at the top of your screen.  
    2. You will now see all the charts that are available to you. Choose the chart you wish to use. The title of each chart will tell you what the chart will visualize for you.

    Create a chart to visualize the data in your selection

    Some charts might tell you there is No data available. This means that your selection does not contain the information this chart is trying to show. In this case, change the criteria of your selection or choose another chart.