Visualize data with your dashboard

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    Dashboard visualizes your CRM data with graphs and lists which you can use to measure your work.

    Quick insights and easy reporting

    Don’t like making reports? Look no further. With SuperOffice dashboards you can get a quick and easy status of your work in a matter of seconds.

    From now on it will be easy to answer questions like:

    • What are the biggest sales opportunities I can close this month?
    • How much will I be able to sell the coming month?
    • How am I performing compared to last month?
    • What’s my activity level like?

    The SuperOffice dashboard interface showing four graphs with status of your activities, sales and projects (screenshot)

    It's easy to customize your dashboard by choosing new graphs.


    Dashboards are ideal for all users and managers alike. You can get an overview of your individual work or your team performance.

    You can pick from over 48 ready-made graphs to evaluate your work. You'll get a snapshot of activity levels, customer segments, product statistics, project details, and sales.

    You can also create your own graphs based on your selections.

    We are certain that the dashboard will help you to focus on the right tasks to improve your performance and sales results.

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    Customize your dashboard

    With more than 48 graphs to choose from you can make your dashboard personal by customizing it. You can change each dashboard tile into the graphs and overviews that are most valuable for you personally.

    How to customize your dashboard

    You can find your favorites by checking out all available graphs.

    Create your own graph for the dashboard

    Can't find the right graph for you? It's easy to create your own.   

    How to create a new dashboard graph

    In addition, you will see your favorite selections in a new light. You can visualize all selections in graphs to give you the information you need in a quick and easy to understand way.

    How to visualize your selection with a graph

    Create additional tabs

    Your default dashboard will show four standard tiles in one view. For some users, four graphs aren't enough to get the status update they need.

    If you are a manager, for example, you might want an overview of your own personal performance. At the same time, you need to keep an overview on how your team is performing.

    By adding extra dashboard tabs you can present all the graphs you need in different views.

    How to add a new dashboard tab