All available dashboard graphics

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    You can customize your dashboard by changing the figures. To get you started, we've created 48 standard graphs you can begin using right away. Here is the complete overview.

    You'll find graphs from six different categories (activities, company, product, project, sale, other), and they present your activity as either charts, lists, or big numbers. Simply choose the area you use in your daily work and pick the graphs that are most useful for you.

    Dashboard tiles are divided in 6 areas (moving gif)Change the figure in a tile by choosing a new one from the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the tile.


    All available tiles or graphics

    1. Activities

    Visualize your use of activities and documents.

    • Documents by my team
    • My activities across company business
    • My activities across company category
    • My activity level
    • My activity pace
    • My completed activities this month
    • My documents across company business
    • My documents across company category
    • My follow-ups in numbers
    • Top activity level of my team

    2. Companies

    See how the contacts in your database are built up by category or business.

    • My companies by business
    • My companies by category
    • My companies by category and business
    • My companies by category and country
    • My customers

    3. Products

    Get all the information you need to know which products perform the best.

    • My forecast by product category
    • My quote numbers
    • My revenue with earnings by product category
    • My turnover by product category
    • Product turnover this year for my team
    • Top products weighted forecast for my team
    • Top profitable products YTD for my team
    • Top selling products by revenue YTD for my team

    4. Projects

    Get an overview over active projects.

    • Active projects by owner for my team
    • My active projects by type

    5. Sales

    Stay up-to-date with all sales numbers.

    • Group forecast this month
    • Group revenue this month
    • Largest upcoming sales
    • Last won deals
    • Leads won by source for my team
    • Lost sales by competitor for my team
    • My closing rate
    • My forecast
    • My forecast by sale type this month
    • My lost sales by reason
    • My lost sales by stage
    • My pipeline - actual amount
    • My pipeline - weighted amount
    • My pipeline by sale types this month
    • My pipeline in numbers
    • My revenue by sale type this month
    • My sales in numbers
    • My won sales by reason
    • Sales YTD compared with last year for my team
    • Top Sales reps - Month to date
    • Win/loss by source for my team
    • Won sales by competitor for my team

    6. Other

    Link dashboards to other web pages to see more valuable information.

    • Links to external webpages