How to create a new dashboard graph

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    SuperOffice Dashboard comes with a large number of tiles. These tiles are useful for any business who wants to analyze and improve their performance. In case you can't find the graph you need, you can create your own. There is no limit on the amount of dashboard tiles you can add - and you can even create web panels. 

    By creating and adding new tiles you can fully customize your dashboard. When you create a new tile, you can make it available for just you, or to other users as well.

    Learn how to create a new dashboard graph

    Add a graph to show external information

    Dashboard does not only give you information that you have registered in your SuperOffice database. You can also add a tile that shows information from external web pages. This way you can combine both internal and external information to analyze your performances.

    Screenshot of form with fields Tile name, Description, Showing, Chart

    When you add a graph containing a web panel there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Otherwise, dashboard will show you a blank tile or potentially an error message.

    Make sure you:

    • Only use web pages that allow the use of iframes
    • It has to be an https page
    • When needed you can use template variables to show certain information