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    Everyone uses SuperOffice in their own way; we all have our habits. It will be the same way with the dashboard – you may want to use other graphs that your colleagues. That's why it's great that you can set up your own set of graphs, lists, and numbers to get the overview that you need.

    When you first open the dashboard, you see four tiles in the view. These tiles are:

    1. My pipeline – weighted amount
    2. Last won sales
    3. My activity level
    4. My companies by category

    You can change these default graphs and make your own personalized dashboard.

    The SuperOffice dashboard has a great collection of tiles such as charts, lists and big numbers. You can choose from 48 different tiles that are available out-of-the-box.

    These tiles are available for six different areas. These are Activity, Company, Product, Project, Sale, and Other. By exploring the area from SuperOffice that you normally use, you will find the most interesting and useful graphs for you. All you have to do is to change the tile and add the chart, list, or numbers you wish to use.

    Get a complete overview of all available graphs

    Learn how to change a graph on your dashboard

    how to customize your dashboard by changing a graph (moving gif)

    Change the figure in a tile by choosing a new one from the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the tile.


    Follow these steps to customize your dashboard:

    1. The standard dashboard consists of four information tiles. Every tile has a name at the top which explains what the graph will show you.
    2. To change the content in a tile, click on the tile name. A menu will drop down and you can choose graphs from six areas:
      1. Activity
      2. Company
      3. Product
      4. Project
      5. Sale
      6. Other
    3. Choose one of the areas by clicking it. The list of all the charts and lists that are available per area will now appear. Choose the information chart you wish to use.

    As we mentioned, there are a lot of tiles available for you. It's worth going through the areas to find charts and lists that are useful in your day-to-day work.

    Graphs can be empty if there is no data to view
    Data quality is essential for a CRM system to be valuable for you and your company. If some dashboard tiles come up empty, you want to know the reason. Maybe your administrator needs to make some system adjustments. Or perhaps you are not using SuperOffice as intended. For example, you haven't updated or registered any sales or activities, or you have not set your sales to closed.


    If a graph is empty

    The graphs in your dashboard show available data such as activities and sales registered in SuperOffice.

    If the graphs come up empty, there can be two reasons for that:

    1. You don't have any sales or activities registered on your as a user.
    2. You don't belong to the right group in SuperOffice. If so, please contact your SuperOffice administrator to set this right.

    Dashboard shows empty graphs if there's no available data