Announcing BIG changes in Customer Service SDK Documentation

In concert with the release of SuperOffice v9.1 R02 onsite, we have listened to your feedback and are happy to announce major improvements in the CRMScript documentation.  

First and foremost are the structural changes, and additions to CRMScript section.  

Just as you would expect from more traditional languages, we have added an introduction section that describes, at a very high level, what the language is and what it is intended for.  

Under Fundamentals of CRMScript is where readers discover CRMScript language constructs, such as reserved words, declaring variables, functions and how to control the flow of code.  

Many of the concepts presented have interactive areas where you can test them out. For example, looking at the foreach statement section, you can see how you can iterate over a string array. The area is completely editable, so you can change the text and try new things out. 


Code quality contains useful tips and best practice recommendations when writing CRMScipts. 

The Datatypes section is a great resource for learning all about the intrinsic datatypes, their constructors, and demonstrates how they are used. 


More complex topics are in the Advance section. Here you will discover: 

  • how to perform SearchEngine queries 
  • how to use the Parser in conjunction with reply templates 
  • understanding more about Tickets and Messages 

No script writer is perfect; therefore, the Debugging section will help you with troubleshooting your scripts. 


The plan is to use the Working with section as the place we will share more in-depth explanations and examples.  


The API reference section is where you will find the Classes and Global functions reference sections. This section used to be maintained in a private isolated storage that could be not seen or influenced by anyone outside the development team. It was generated for each build. We have now moved this to GitHub where we will continue to maintain and update it.  


Unfortunately these changes may upset some people who depend on legacy links working in the forums, but we believe the benefits out way the inconvenience. We apologize for that.

The entire Customer Service documentation is on GitHub, and we are open to accepting pull request contributions from the community to help improve it for everyone.  

We cannot stress enough just how much we appreciate your feedback and contributions to the documentation. Thank-you to all who have reached out and contributed, and we look forward to more community participation in the future.  

We are not done yet! There is still lot's more to expand and improve on, and that's just what we'll do!

Yours truly,

SuperOffice Developer Experience team!

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