About CRMScripts

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    CRMScript is a SuperOffice scripting dialect similar to JavaScript.

    CRMScripts allow you to create automation and workflows to fit the ways your business works. This extensibility method requires technical skills and is ideal for those who are already familiar with such programming languages as C, C++ and Java syntax.

    Triggers are CRMscripts that are run for specific events, for example when a user creates a new sale or closes a Service request. You decide if the trigger should react silently or block the operation and display feedback to the user.

    The essentials

    Fetch variables being used in the current context:

    EventData ed = getEventData();

    Example: prevent saving new company with no organization number

    String orgNr = ed.getInputValue("ContactEntity.OrgNr");
      ed.setMessage("Please enter Org.Nr");


    • Variable names must be unique.
    • It is not allowed to run a script for more than 60 seconds.
    • Memory-intensive scripts are not allowed. Each script may not consume more than 8 MB of memory.

    CRMScripts that exceed these restrictions will be stopped.

    Where can I access CRMScripts?

      • In SuperOffice CRM, go to the Settings and maintenance module.
      • In SuperOffice Service, go to System design.
    1. Then select New trigger (script).

    How do I get started?

    • Subscribe to Expander Services
    • Your SuperOffice user must have administrator permissions.