Online Quote Connectors

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    Quote connectors allow third parties to build a web service endpoint that supplies SuperOffice with product priceslist and product details.

    Use the SuperOffice.Crm.Online.IntegrationServices package to build a quote connector for SuperOffice Online. This has two package dependencies:

    1. SuperOffice.Crm.Online.Core
    2. SuperOffice.NetServer.Services.

    SuperOffice.Crm.Online.Core contains the authentication interface to successfully authenticate and connect to your quote connector web service endpoint.

    SuperOffice.NetServer.Services is necessary because connectors often need to call the tenant's web services for additional information. SuperOffice.NetServer.Services has additional dependencies.

    In total you will have the following NuGet package dependencies:

    There is an example quote connector example included in our SuperOffice.DevNet.Online github repository, located in the SuperOffice.DevNet.Online.IntegrationServer folder. Take a look at the markdown file for more information.

    If you have any questions, post them here on the CRM Online Development forums, or send an email to

    Have fun building quote connectors for SuperOffice CRM Online!