Activate custom application

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    Congratulations, your custom application is ready!


    By activating a custom application, the owner of the tenant agrees to subscribe to Expander Services.

    First-time activation

    The first-time activation is usually initiated by the application developer.

    1. We will move your application from SOD to the production environment.
    2. You contact the customer to initiate the application setup.
    3. The customer's administrator must sign in to SuperOffice and give their consent to allow your application to access their database tenant.

    Activate on additional tenants

    In some special cases, we allow one-off applications to be used by multiple production tenants. For example:

    • The application was developed on a test-tenant in the production environment and is ready to go live
    • The application will be used by multiple subsidiaries within the same company

    This is usually initiated by the customer.


    1. Submit an activation request (form).
    2. Repeat application set-up on the new tenant. 
    3. As an administrator, sign in to SuperOffice and give consent to this specific tenant.