How to get noticed in the App Store

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    Catching customers' attention and interest becomes harder as the applications in the SuperOffice App Store grow in number.

    Your App Store entry aims to trigger the interest, and your own webshop needs to secure the purchase. This means that you sit in the driver seat for how you want your company, your application, and your services to be presented.

    Stand out and be understood

    1. Stand out from the crowd: create a name and visual identity that lets customers quickly identify your application as helpful.
    2. Describe your application in a way that lets everyone understand what it does. 
      • Avoid technical terms (unless they are necessary) so that a business person can identify the benefits you provide. If you need to include technical information, for example when listing the requirements, keep it as simple as possible.
    3. Include high-quality images that show the user what your application is about and that support the descriptive text.

    Provide great customer experiences

    To get those customers' reviews, it is very important not only to deliver a good quality product, but to invest in the description, sales material, and not least the on-boarding experience.

    A lot of this will depend upon how you present your application in the App Store, but mostly how you present yourself when the user clicks and gets to your webshop.

    1. Invest in the onboarding experience. Make it easy to buy and start using your application.
    2. Automate the provisioning.
    3. Provide helpful videos, FAQs, and support services.

    Get customer reviews

    Ask customers to rate your app.lication We all look for recommendations and references when we make a purchase.

    You can include customer statements in the text and/or links to your own customer reference pages if you have one.

    In the future, we will make it possible for customers to review and rate your application in the SuperOffice market place.