Get notifications when tenant status changes

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    When a tenant installation undergoes changes, SuperOffice sends a change notification to each approved application.

    To receive notifications (onetime set-up):

    1. Set up a web service listening for state changes. For example:
    2. Notify SuperOffice about your State Change URL, which specifies where SuperOffice sends notifications.

    Parsing notifications

    The JSON payload contains the following information:

    • tenant context identifier
    • the change type
    • a text representation of the installation version
    • the version of the file set
    • a JWT to verify it was sent by SuperOffice
      "ChangeType": 0,
      "ContextIdentifier": "Cust12345",
      "VersionName": "Release 8.4 R08",
      "FileVersion": "",
      "Token": "ejy234ASD...1234#"

    Check out our sample notification code.