Pass Watchcom initial security evaluation

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    The Watchcom security evaluation is a mandatory part of our certification program.


    We may send you multiple sets of keys at the same time. You will not be able to connect using the production keys until you pass the security evaluation and we explicitly activate them!


    1. We send you the application keys for both stage and production.

    2. You set up the application in stage and make sure that it still works.

    3. Your certification contact notifies us that you are ready to proceed.

    4. We run a quick verification to confirm that you are ready for Watchcom.

    5. We prepare a Handover document and send it to Watchcom. It  explains:

      • what does the application add?

      • how does the application work with SuperOffice?

    6. Our Watchcom contact will get in touch with your certification contact to schedule a date and time for testing. Read more about the test scope.

    7. After the test, you get the full report from Watchcom while we only receive a pass/fail notification. It is your responsibility to fix any red flags!

    8. When approved, we activate the application's keys to the production environment.

    9. You can now set up the application in production and connect to test that it works. The application is still not published! 

    Next steps: get listed in the App Store and publish your application