Building apps for SuperOffice

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    When creating an application for SuperOffice CRM Online,  you need to learn about our APIs and follow our implementation guide.

    Workflow from a developer's perspective

    1. Register as a developer to get access to our environment
      • signs you up for a developer user account
      • creates a test tenant in SOD (can be shared by multiple developers within a company)
    2. Register your application idea to get your client ID and client secret (token)
      • it's essential that you provide us with your redirect URLs at this point
      • you receive a unique set of keys to identify your application and certificates for authentication
    3. Develop your application
    4. Test your application
    5. Deploy your application


    We take precautions to ensure that no individual upgrade plan compromises data or the availability of services for any customers. This includes informing you about new versions, what's changing, and when it's deployed - with the opportunity to test and update your own offerings in line with the SuperOffice CRM Online services.

    Confused about where to start?

    If you are new to developing for SuperOffice CRM Online, a good place to start is reading up on key concepts.