About NetServer web services

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    All SuperOffice CRM Online applications depend on NetServer web services for database access.

    NetServer is a multi-tiered database access layer that bridges communication between clients and the SuperOffice database.

    NetServer access in our online environment is achieved by using either REST or SOAP web services.


    Each tenant exposes NetServer web services for all clients, including SuperOffice Web, PocketCRM and partner application clients. The web services are bundled in your Expander Services subscription.


    Service-orientated data access

    The highest level of NetServer data access consists of web service endpoints and web service proxies.

    WCF SOAP and RESTful WebAPI endpoints

    This is where you find the IIS application used by SuperOffice Web and PocketCRM.

    Which API is right for your situation? Read "Online Development - What API to Use" to understand the implications to determine which is best for you.

    Web service proxies

    For SOAP-base clients, NetServer .NET assemblies use a service agent pattern to work with business entities used by clients to access the service endpoints. These are available as NuGet packages

    Calling web services

    One call to the web services can hide or include multiple database queries, business logic, user-preference checks, and default handling. For SuperOffice CRM Online, you have the option to:

    Your application is not allowed to place .net assemblies in a tenant web application and must use the web services for all interactions.