About Expander Services

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    You can customize SuperOffice to fit your business model and needs through a number of options available in the Settings and maintenance module.

    However, sometimes you need more than what is available out-of-the-box. For those instances, we have Expander Services, which contains a range of tools you can use to create one-off customizations of your SuperOffice CRM solution.

    What is Expander Services?

    Expander Services is our name for a set of tools that allow you to customize your CRM solution and to integrate other applications with SuperOffice. These tools extend beyond the standard configuration options offered to you out-of-the-box in the Settings and maintenance module.

    Expander Services is a subscription-based license available to all customers. It doesn’t matter if you run SuperOffice CRM in the cloud or have it installed on your premises.

    When you subscribe to Expander Services, you get access to the following tools:

    • CRMScript: Customize your own workflows and automation

    • Extra tables: Add new tables to the database and increase your flexibility

    • Custom screens: Create new screens in Service to support your specific processes

    • SuperOffice APIs: Create customizations by using developers' tools

    Information about SuperOffice APIs is available in our Developer club on the Community site. There you and your partners (regardless of whether you have Expander Services or not)  can find extensive documentation, tips, examples, forum groups, and support tools related to various customizations. Feel free to register and sign in to the community. 

    How does Expander Services work?

    When you subscribe to Expander Services, additional options become available in the Settings and maintenance module.

    The license is added to your tenant through SuperOffice Operation Center and billed monthly to the customer.

    You may continue to use Expander Servicers as often you like until you cancel the subscription. You may add as many customizations you want without affecting the subscription fee.

    No custom application will be made available to your SuperOffice CRM Online solution unless subscribed. If the customer cancels their subscription, the application will be deactivated/unavailable.

    When do you need to buy Expander Services?

    If you need access to the SuperOffice APIs or any of the advanced extensibility features, you probably need to subscribe to Expander Services.

    Expander Services scenarios
      Online On-premise
    Use customization tools in Settings and maintenance no no
    Publish standard application no (embedded) yes
    Activate custom application yes yes

    You don't need to buy Expander Services to use the standard customization tools available in the Settings and maintenance module. You are free to customize your solution using, for example, your definition of lists, privacy settings, templates, sales and project guides, user-defined fields, and SuperMacros.   

    Furthermore, you don't need an Expander Services license if your company runs SuperOffice CRM in the cloud and you want to use any of the standard applications available in the SuperOffice App Store.

    However, if you are running SuperOffice CRM on your premises, you always need to have Expander Services to add integrations or customizations to your solution, whether these are customized for you or standard add-ons.

    The same goes for all custom SuperOffice CRM Online applications.