How do I get Expander Services?

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    The monthly subscription fee for Expander Services is 67,80€. Application developers get access to Expander Services when registering. Customers can contact their local SuperOffice partner or representative to get recommendations for their specific business needs.

    What is the cost of Expander Services?

    The rates for the Expander Services subscription license are as follows:

    Prices for Expander Services
    Currency £ NOK SEK DKK CHF
    Subscription fee per month 67,80 53,40 620 630 524 71,90

    If you are not subscribing to SuperOffice, but instead have a maintenance contract from before 2015, the prices are different from those listed here. Please contact us to find the exact price.  

    How to get Expander Services?

    If you wish to customize and change the standard set-up of your SuperOffice CRM with the help of the Expander Services toolkit, you may contact your local SuperOffice partner or representative.

    They will be happy to discuss your requirements and wishes and offer you recommendations on how to proceed. Based on your requirements, they will give you a quote or recommend a specialist partner.

    All you need to do is to set a convenient date, and before you know it – you are up and running with a customized SuperOffice CRM!

    In the meantime, why not browse our App Store and see what standard extensions are available there, and get inspired or simply proceed with an application?

    You can also contact vendors directly and find out what options there are to create a tailored version of these applications for your business. The vendors can tell you whether an application is available for you if you run SuperOffice CRM on your premises.

    In addition to the standard applications, the Expander Services toolkit is also available for SuperOffice CRM Online users in the SuperOffice App Store.