Online tenant status

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    Each tenant has a status page where you can check its state to ensure your application remains stable and responds accordingly. The URL is environment specific and contains the context identifier.

        "ContextIdentifier": "Cust37911",
        "Endpoint": "",
        "State": "Running",
        "IsRunning": true,
        "ValidUntil": "2020-10-05T09:52:01.9342965Z",
        "Api": ""


    Context identifier, for example, Cust00000


    The root path of customer installation.

    This path will change routinely to balance the load. Changes may also occur under special circumstances such as incidents.

    For example, may shift to


    Tenant status
    Value Description
    Unknown (0)

    The customer tenant is unknown, or there is something wrong with the environment.  If the customer was previously in another state, we probably have an incident of sorts.

    Provisioning (1) We are in the state of provisioning the customer.  Should be ready in a short time.
    Running (2) The customer tenant is running. All is good.
    Deleted (3) The customer tenant has been deleted, forget all about it.
    Suspended (4) The customer tenant is in termination.  API’s are not available, and the customer can still take action to reactivate his subscription.  Resuming a customer in termination typically occurs at night or by manual activation by the sales team.
    OnlineMaintenance (5) We are performing background tasks, but nothing preventing customers from performing normal operations.  API is available.  Background tasks might take some time before they start.
    OfflineMaintenance (6) The customer tenant is offline for maintenance.  This typically happens during an upgrade.  It usually takes minutes for the customer to be online again.  API’s are not available.
    ProvisioningFailed (8) Provisioning has failed. 
    Deleting (10) We are in the process of deleting the customer.  Expect the customer to be deleted shortly.
    DeleteFailed (11) Deleting the customer failed.  Expect the customer to be deleted in a while.
    MigrationPending (12) This is a new migration to online that has not yet completed.  Expect the customer to be Running at a later time.  Customers are often in state MigrationPending for days or weeks.


    This indicates whether the tenant is up and running.


    • Running
    • OnlineMaintenance


    When to check next time if an updated state is needed.


    Link to more information about API version details. Example:

        "v1": "",
        "NetServerVersion": "9.1.7583.012",
        "NetServerAssembly": "",
        "NetServerDate": "2020-10-05",
        "NetServerLabel": "Release9_C-2020.10.05-01",
        "NetServer": "SuperOffice 9.1 R3 NetServer 9.1 Release (Build: Release9_C-2020.10.05-01)",
        "Services": "Services87",
        "ServicesCurrent": "Services88",
        "Version": "v1"