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    My custom application is ready, what should I consider before I ask for a validation test?

    Expander service subscription

    Access to a customer's tenant from a custom application requires an active Expander service subscription license. The license is purchased by the customer.

    If the subscription is discontinued, any custom applications will lose access to that tenant.



    • Workflow for giving consent to the tenant is implemented so the customer administrator may approve the apps access to the database.

    Error handling

    • The application handles scenarios where access to the customer's database is lost, such as during our maintenance windows. Check the tenant status page

    Limit your searches

    • API calls don't choke the database
    • Ensure the user types at least 3 characters before you start searching for contacts, persons, email addresses, selections, and similar
    • No more than 10 api calls per second

    Protect your web panels

    • Information doesn't leak via web panels (and thus forwarded to others who are not authorized)
    • The context identifier template variable (uctx) and also the User login associate ID (usid) are part of the URL of all web panels you add
    • usec is never passed as a parameter in the URL

    System user and important rules

    • Never rename the owner company ( field for the company with contact_id found in the Company database table). If you do, our license check fails and all users are locked out!
    • Persons may be associates - if they have a row in the associate table then
      • don't update a person's company (person.contact_id) 

    You must protect the customer database from total destruction, which will require Online Operations to update the database manually. Use the system user with great caution.

    Maintenance window

    • You will handle unavailability scenarios such as when CRM Online is not available

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