Business requirements

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    Any application for SuperOffice CRM Online must indicate what it wants to achieve. Please adhere to these needs and expectations.

    Applications need to add value rather than compete with SuperOffice CRM Online. You need a place to host, maintain, and develop your applications directly or via a partner of yours. Similarly, you also need to be a business in the position to invoice, collect, and support your customers or have a partner who does.

    General requirements

    • All partners must register and outline their application concepts to get access to ou development environment and APIs.
    • All partners must agree with our general partnership agreement and sign the sub-data processing agreement (DPA).
    • The application must have clear business value for the customer. It must be a business-oriented application that helps customers perform business processes.
    • The application must be of high quality, safe, secure, and trustworthy.
    • The application must have the necessary support and getting-started processes for customers.
    • The application must be based on SaaS principles for pricing and billing.
    • The application must be based on the Online Partner SDK.
      We will not host any partner DLL assembly in the website's bin directory.
    • The application must be a standard application that fits the many rather than customized to just one company if you want to list it in the App Store.


    Proper product documentation will help the user help themself.


    • The application must have an installation guide available in at least 1 language if the user needs to set up something in SuperOffice CRM Online manually.
    • If the application is supported outside Scandinavia, an English (or country-specific) version must be available.
    • The application should have a user guide available in each supported language.
    • On upgrade, the application must have a release notes document available.


    The installation guide should contain a troubleshooting section to help customers, administrators, and consultants handle common issues.

    Create screenshots, presentations, screencasts, or YouTube videos that we may link to from our App Store. During provisioning, these may also be easily available for the administrator who sets up the solution.


    Customers can get help from someone who can fix the problem.


    • The add-on must have at least one assigned support resource.


    We recommend using tracking software, for example, Customer Service, Trac, or Bugzilla, but it is not required.