Requirements for user UI and design

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    Following this style guide will ensure that the application integrates seamlessly with SuperOffice and other partner products. It will be experienced as a member of a product family.

    Our experience is that simple is better and less is more. However, to make it simple for the user often means (a lot) more work for the programmer.

    The importance of providing the same look & feel is often underestimated by programmers when integrating two different applications.

    These requirements are not applicable if the application has no user interaction.


    • The GUI of your application must adopt the graphical look from SuperOffice CRM when your application adds web-panels or other visual interfaces directly in the SuperOffice application.


    Check out our best practices.

    GUI elements that don't have a SuperOffice CRM graphical look are permitted as long as the host application is visible outside SuperOffice CRM Online.