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Marketing requirements

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    Naming your application is important because it helps customers understand what your application does.
    For customers to find your application, to understand what it does and why they should download it, it is important that you provide good descriptions and images.


    Application name

    You must provide a unique application name for the App Store listing.

    • The name must be 30 characters or less.

    • Name must not contain restricted characters:

      • punctuation marks . : ; ?
      • special characters * ~ # % | =
      • slashes \ /
      • curly and angled brackets { } <>
      • single or double quotes ‘’ ”
    • Generic terms must be prefixed, for example with your own company name, or add "for SuperOffice".

      • [Partner Name] Visual Reports
      • Visual Reports for SuperOffice

    Application description

    You must provide a description of your application with the following information:

    • Short introductory statement:

      • In 1 sentence (max 98 characters), state what your application does or gives the customer.

    • About this app:

      • In more detail (max 200 words), explain what your application does and what the customers get when they use it.

      • Include the key benefit statements and customer testimonials if you have any (you may add them later).

    • Key features

    • Prices and terms:

      • Clarify whether the price is by site or user, with or without VAT.

      • You should also provide a URL to your prices and terms so it's easy for the prospect to know the price levels.

    • Requirements:

      • List whatever the customer needs to use your application, including licenses.

    Images and links

    • You must provide minimum 3 images for the App Store listing:
    App Store image requirements
    Image Usage Size
    (width by height in pixels)
    Application tile icon preview in the main page 263 x 109
    Small application icon application detail page 220 x 216
    Your company logo vendor page 220 x 151
    • Screenshots from the application (if used) should have descriptive file names because they are displayed as captions.
    • If you want screenshots shown in a specific order, add numbering to the file names.

    • When you are listed in our App Store, you must add links to your website or marketplace that direct the viewer to the SuperOffice website and App Store. This helps us build ranking in search engines.

      Ideally, you include our logo, though it is not a requirement. If you don't have a specific app store, then use the appropriate landing page on your site where it is natural to link to our sites.

    Location of the app icon and screenshots in an app entry:

    Wireframe showing the location of app icon and screenshot images in an app entry


    Don't worry too much if your "ideal" name is taken. Categories, descriptions, images, and other tools in the store will be more important.

    We encourage you to include some meaningful screenshots from the application interface. These will show in the slider on the application detail page. They will be resized to fit, but when the viewer clicks on the image, it opens in actual size in a light-box.

    Read the guidelines for how to use the SuperOffice logo.