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    These download references demonstrate online development concepts

    These downloads contain examples that use ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC 5, Windows Forms and PHP to demonstrate how to connect to SuperOffice SuperID, authenticate users, and interact with online tenants. 
    These are example integration applications that target our SuperOffice Online environment that are different from existing on-premise applications. It is the intention of these examples that demonstrate the key concepts involved with integration capabilities, possibilities, and technology involved when building applications for the SuperOffice CRM Online environment. 

    Read here to learn more about programming your first online application.

    Most .NET Examples Moved to Github

    SuperOffice Github

    Database Mirroring Example is a Nuget Package.


    These examples assume you understand what SuperOffice CRM Online is, and that you have a working knowledge of the Microsoft programming language C#, or PHP.


    • You need Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 or 2015
    • .NET Framework 4.0
    • Working knowledge of ASP.NET MVC 5. 
    • Working knowledge of PHP
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