nuSoapSample solution

In this article

    The minimal PHP example application comes with a set of files and directories.

    In your download, the solution's directory contains the following:


    / web site root

    certificates directory

    • federatedlogin.cer: certificate for SOD, used to verify tokens from SuperID

    helpers directory

    • ClaimHelper
    • ContactEntityHelper
    • SessionHelper
    • SystemUserHelper
    • UrlHelper

    lib directory

    • soAgents directory
      • Agent classes for each NetServer endpoint
    • JWT.php: Base class responsible for verifying the JWT token
    • nusoap.php: Contains Web Services Toolkit for PHP
    • SoAgent.php: Is the base class for all agents in the soAgents directory
    • SoJWT.php: SuperOffice wrapper around the base class in JWT.php
    • SoSAML.php: Class responsible for verifying the SAML token
    • SystemUserAgent.php: Class responsible for calling PartnerSystemUserService endpoint to exchange a system user token for a JWT token that contains a system user ticket

    WSDL directory

    • [version number] directory: contains all wsdl files for a specific NetServer version
    • PartnerSystemUserService.wsdl for token to ticket exchange with SuperID


    • callback.php: the page that receives a POST after a user successfully logs into SuperID
    • contactEntity.php: the page responsible for displaying company details
    • createFollowUpListItems.php: a page that demonstrates creating a followup list item
    • createProject.php: a page that demonstrates how to create a new Project
    • createSaleType.php: a page that demonstrates how to create a new Sale Type
    • createUserDefinedField.php: a page that demonstrates how to create a new user defined field
    • createWebPanel.php: a page that demonstrates how to create a new web panel
    • getWebPanels.php: a page that demonstrates how to get all web panels
    • header.php: the page responsible checking authorized session
    • index.php: the page that starts the federated login process with SuperID
    • reset.php: the page that removes session state. Useful when relogin is desired
    • settings.php: the file containing all of the configuration settings this project has. Use this file to specify:
      • Application ID
      • Application token
      • NetServer version
      • Protocol
      • SuperID URL
      • Certificate path
      • Token type (JWT or SAML)
    • webServiceCall.php: the page that demonstrates instantiating the ContactAgent and invoking both the GetContactEntity and SaveContactEntity methods
    • welcome.php: the page that displays a link to the index page