CRM Script - How to

Hi all,

I'm new here and I'm looking for a basic manual (online) about CRM Script: How to etc. Which language is CRM Script? How can I use it? etc. etc.

AT the moment I'm f.e.looking for a way to get an email sent when we change the value of the field Our contact from 'Prospect' to 'Klant'.


Edith Baijens


RE: CRM Script - How to

Hi Edith,

CRMscript is a proprietary scripting language with similar syntax as Java/C#, SDK is documented here. Also there are alot of good examples on usage in Community.

For your specific question, this can be solved by adding a Trigger script to "After saving company"-event. This blog from Simen provides excellent overview of how this works.

By: Michel Krohn-Dale 31 Oct 2019

RE: CRM Script - How to

Hi Michel,

Thanks very much for your answer. Especially the link to the blog "Beginner's guide to triggers abd CRMScript'is very helpfull/.




By: Edith Baijens 31 Oct 2019