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Custom Archives in G9


I have actually a problem with Custom Archive in G9.

I am updating a customer project including a custom archive for contact extra table from 8.2 R6 to 9.1 R2.
After changing .Net Framework and updating references in project I get the data presented in 9.1, but it looks "old":

This is the new look (SO tab):

If I click the mouse right button on the header, I get the "old" menu:

and the fields list is empty:


That is the new look of menu I expected (here from "person" SO tab):

I changed the type of view from "SOView" to "SCILView" in my merge file like in SOContactPanel.config, but it did not helped.
If I try to replace the section "controlgroup"

with "recipe" like in SOContactPanel.config, I get no data more.


Where I am wrong?
What can I do to make my custom archive working properly?



RE: Custom Archives in G9

Hi Andrey!

We do not have a good story for custom archives with the new look and feel yet, so please revert back to SOView...

You will notice that new archive config elements reference a recipe, and this is not backwards compatible with what is placed in an SOView. 

<view id="projectMemberScilArchive" type="SCILView" soprotocol="projectmemberarchive" 
      current="" overflow="auto">
  <!-- ... -->


  <!-- ... -->

When you reset your archive control back to SoView, does your configure columns work then? If not, the open up the SoArchiveColumnList.config and compare it to columns defined for other archive controls.

I have scheduled a workshop to try and figure out if there is a way you can adapt to receipe-driven archive controls. I'll followup with our results here by Friday.

Best regards.


By: Tony Yates 23 Sep 2020

RE: Custom Archives in G9

Hopefully a solution will be made available to be able to update custom archives in G9 to use the new functionality, we use them a lot at OnSite customers.

By: David Hollegien 23 Sep 2020

RE: Custom Archives in G9

Hi Tony!

Thank you for answering my question.

After changing back to SOView I still miss the fields in the configuration window.

I can't detect any difference to SOArchiveColumnList.config in my column list definition:

It would be great if you could help us to find a workable solution for column definitions.

Best regards,

By: Andrey Stupak 24 Sep 2020

RE: Custom Archives in G9


The web team and I walked through this today. We were able to take an existing archive provider and successfully create a new, albeit older-style, tab using SoView with unique and functional configure columns. 

I suspect that you may have altered additional required elements that crippled the experience. I'm not going to repeat all of what you should check as that is in the documentation, and still relevant.

In terms of getting the G9 look. Well, let's just say that even we have some more work to do ourselves. 

Case in point - Mincard menu: Selection members

We will add borders and get the old archive controls to look like the newer ones, but the configure /sort columns functionality will have to wait until 9.3.

Best regards.


By: Tony Yates 24 Sep 2020

RE: Custom Archives in G9

Hello Tony,

we checked double all the .merge files and the .NET project with Georg together, and couldn't find any difference to the documentation you linked.
It had worked in the old version 8.2 R6.
I copied the old .merge files from SO 8.2 R6 over the new to eliminate my changes if these were still there.

Still no fields in the configuration. We get no error in the browser console too.

Is there any more option to get a debug information from the process of getting configuration fields for that window like .log file or debug window?
We will be very grateful for any help.



By: Andrey Stupak 2 Oct 2020

RE: Custom Archives in G9


Any news about custom archives in SuperOffice 9? (with the new style) We use them extensively and have multiple issues:

  • Empty contact/person relation of documents/appointments show as '?Error?' in SuperOffice

  • When creating custom archives using merge files we almost always use the ContactActiveArchive/PersonActivityArchive/ProjectActivityArchive datahandlers, but in the latest release of SuperOffice 9 the "ProjectActivityArchive" had been commented out.

Result is that we now also need to replace 'archivecolumninfos' part with the non-commented out version (insert doesnt work?), this will surely cause problems in future version when an new datahandler is archivecolumninfos datahandler is added and we overwrite it..

  • When selecting a custom archive tab and then switching back to a 'normal' tab (contacts/activity's/etc) the tab isnt loaded with the data of the tab you selected, you then need to select another tab to get the data to refresh
  • As said in other posts, the custom archives still have the old column configuration control.
By: David Hollegien 18 Jan 2021

RE: Custom Archives in G9

Any news about using the 'new' style/system for custom archives?

We noticed that with the release op 9.2 R7 we also need to add the following to the SoContactPanel.merge to make use of the default archivecolumninfos:

			      <datahandler id="ArchiveColumnConfigDataHandler" type="ArchiveColumnConfigDataHandler" mergeaction="replace">
						<archivecolumninfo guiname="ContactPersonArchive" providername="person"/>
						<archivecolumninfo guiname="ContactRelationArchive" providername="relation"/>
						<archivecolumninfo guiname="ContactActivityArchive" providername="contactactivity"/>
						<archivecolumninfo guiname="ContactProjectsArchive" providername="contactprojects"/>
						<archivecolumninfo guiname="ContactSaleArchive" providername="salefilteredwithstakeholder"/>
						<archivecolumninfo guiname="ContactTicketArchive" providername="ticket"/>

This is needed because the default SoContactPage.config  has been changed to include a feature toggle on the archivecolumninfos:

 <datahandler id="ArchiveColumnConfigDataHandler" type="ArchiveColumnConfigDataHandler"  feature-toggle="ConfigurableScreens">

Any news/indication about being able to use the new G9 recipe system? Would save us from custom archives breaking at customers, which probably is going to happen more often since you are working on a configure screens feature.

By: David Hollegien 26 Apr 2021