Parsing Udef value in C#/NetServer?


so I stumbled across what I thought was going to be a straightforward thing to figure out, but after looking at the documentation and forum for a while, I haven't found the answer.

In C# I need a method for parsing the udef values, "[I:123]", "[DT:12/31/2020 23:59:59]", etc. I would assume there is a class in NetServer which can do this, but I couldn't find one.

In EjScript this is done by the decodeDBValue(String) method, but what is the corresponding method in NetServer?


RE: Parsing Udef value in C#/NetServer?

Hello Frode, 

Is that what you are looking for -> Display values in current culture ( ? 

using SuperOffice.CRM.Globalization;

string encoded = "[I:12345]";
string localized = CultureDataFormatter.LocalizeEncoded( encoded );
// localized = "12345"


By: Eivind Johan Fasting 27 Apr 2021

RE: Parsing Udef value in C#/NetServer?

I think so, yes, thanks. Confusing naming of that class :)

By: Frode Lillerud 27 Apr 2021